GolfBuddy’s WTX Smart Watch Review

Pre-stacked Courses: 38,000+

Show Area Size: 1.2″

Weight: 2.2 oz

Battery Life Time: 8 hours

Revive Time: 4 hours

Waterproof: No

Competition Legal: Yes

GolfBuddy WTX Smart Watch Review – New to 2017

Golf Buddy has at long last entered the domain of coordinating Bluetooth innovation with their golf contraptions. To augment the watch’s potential with its numerous highlights is with utilization of the GolfBuddy Smartphone App. Try not to be disheartened in case you’re not a tech geek. It has a greater number of advantages than issues with regards to remaining associated and benefiting from your round.

With a touch screen show, you dispose of the requirement for catches and more fastens. The full shading screen shows everything from play modes, risks, and opening perspectives to stick choice, shot separation, and time mode. The watch additionally holds Golf Buddy’s Dynamic Green View with separations for moment designs from your viewpoint.

The watch is thin and lightweight, and shockingly, it’s agreeable to wear. Despite the fact that it has all the more a male and athletic stylish intrigue to it, it’s in no way, shape or form only a watch for a man! Females can likewise look lively with it as well if the Golf Buddy LD2 is too blingy for them.

Be that as it may, the drawback to the watch is its eight hour battery life. In our trials, we received around two adjusts in return before it went dead. To exacerbate the situation, it takes about a large portion of its playing effort to completely energize! Be that as it may, for the shading show and the extra highlights the WTX sports, we can perceive how it gobbles up battery life like a destitute vampire. The advantages are as yet justified, despite all the trouble however.


Contact screen

Full shading show

Competition lawful

Water safe

Cell phone similarity


Short battery life

GolfBuddy WTX Smart Watch Q&A

When will the Display change to the Green?

While playing in Golf Mode, the screen will consequently change to the Green presentation when you’re inside 20 yards of the middle.

How to Exit Golf Mode on the WTX watch?

At the point when you’re finished with your rounds and you need to broaden battery life for typical time mode, you can without much of a stretch exit out of Golf Mode. Hold and press anyplace on the showcase for longer than four seconds until the watch inquires as to whether you need to exit. Select “Yes” and you’re out of Golf Mode!

Is the Time Mode in Analog or Digital Time?

The Time Mode shows a check in simple time.

What do you do when the Display is planned out?

To actuate the presentation once more, essentially lift your wrist or the watch and it will turn on where you left it. This dispenses with the concern of unplanned knocks and faffing influencing your game and the touch screen during a round.

Is the Screen simple to find in Sunlight?

The splendid, shading show with enormous and huge numbers makes it simple to peruse in any condition, it very well may be somewhat precarious to see under all out daylight.

What is the Interchangeable Outer Screen?

Clearly, you can change the appearance of your watch by choosing an alternate “skin.” However, when we investigated this, there wasn’t a substitution skin or screen that we could discover from Golf Buddy yet. This is as yet another watch so maybe there may be a few choices later.

What are the Fitness Features on the Golf Buddy Watch?

The wellness highlights are equipped towards golf players. They incorporate Cycling Mode, Running Mode, and a Pedometer.

What are the Cautions to be taken when Charging the Watch?

There will be two distinctive charging screens. A straightforward charging screen will be in plain view when connected to a divider charger. At the point when connected to a PC, a Data Sync alternative will show up. It’s prompted not to push the Sync choice during charging as it will hinder charge time or stop it through and through.

GolfBuddy WTX Smart GPS WatchNoteworthy Features:

Bluetooth availability

Compatible external screens

Double green separation show

Movement trackers

No expenses and memberships required

Our Verdict on the WTX Smart Watch

To ping up the strokes, the GolfBuddy WTX Smart Watch is an extraordinary wearable gadget that is stacked with huge amounts of data with the touch of your wrist. It’s evaluated reasonably underneath its contending opponents for similar highlights. Doubtlessly that the WTX has extraordinary worth.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you find that you needn’t bother with all these additional advantages to complete your round of golf, the new to 2017 GolfBuddy WT6 Golf watch may be definitely suited to your strengths. It’s basic but similarly as able as the WTX in giving you the separations you need. It’s not without a reward perk – it’s less expensive than the WTX!

Nonetheless, Bushnell is known for their magnificent and responsive client care. On the off chance that you need to get in on their golf watches, the Bushnell ION2 is a great and clever, little contraption, and it’s evaluated perfectly. In any case, on the off chance that you need the best of what they have, the new to 2017 Excel Golf Watch is stacked with shot verification precision and highlights that will take care of business and then some!

At the cost, the WTX Smart Watch has a ton of potential. Certainly, the battery life is a bummer, however in case you’re just playing chief rounds or a maximum of two adjusts a day, you’ll be set to believe the WTX to do you right! In the event that you feel the above is still not what you are after you can see the full rundown of gadgets here.

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