GolfBuddy WT6 Review

Preloaded Courses: 38,000+

Show Area Size: 1.8″ x 0.6″/46 x 14.24 mm

Weight: 2.2 oz/62 g

Battery Life Time: 9 hours

Revive Time: 1-3 hours

Waterproof: Yes

Competition Legal: Yes

Golf Buddy WT6 Golf Watch Review

The WT6 golf watch is completely intended to keep things straightforward and to keep you appreciating the game. There’s no should be occupied from the quietness and fulfillment of pounding a drive, so you won’t discover Bluetooth network or some other diverting component that doesn’t have separation at the center of its capacity.

Back View of Band on GolfBuddy WT6Leave “savvy” highlights in the vehicle as you hit the green with the WT6. You can likewise desert your telephone as you won’t be lost for time – the WT6 is a watch, recollect? Flipping to and fro between Golf Mode and the time is done effectively without losing any of your gap or separation data.

Furthermore, as a watch, you won’t need to stress over losing it somewhere close to openings. It won’t tumble off with a knock from the golf truck, and you can’t thump it off your belt or the bill of your top. A watch band will keep your GPS close and secure.

The separations you need more often than not are the front, focus, and back of the green, and that is actually what the watch GPS will give. An extra component incorporates separations to dangers that will enable you to realize what club and method to utilize. You can get to peril separations with only one press of a catch.

The watch is too lightweight, has a Shot Distance adding machine, and an Odometer. A Dual Green Mode shows separations for when there are two greens. The WT6 isn’t inadequate with regards to whatever’s fundamental to the golf player, in the event that you realize what’s truly significant – the separation.

Different purchasers who handled a working WT6 report exact separations, battery life enduring up to 46 gaps, and a basic UI. Be that as it may, there is by all accounts numerous inadequate WT6 golf watches with different issues causing glitch. Make certain to buy your watch with a strong guarantee.


Watch plan

Danger separations

Switch between modes

Simple to understand numbers

Easy to utilize


Imperfect models

Golf Buddy WT6 Q&A

What is the Golf Buddy Warranty?

There is a 1-year Limited Warranty on the WT6 gave by Golf Buddy that begins from the date of procurement.

How to Fix Inaccurate Time?

There were protests that the time on the GPS watch isn’t right. Satellite data will naturally apply the chance to your watch, yet you can set the time region and other data in the Settings menu. Nonetheless, the time will back off and get off base, regardless of whether Golf Mode is working, when the battery is coming up short. A full charge will reestablish right time.

How to Trouble Shoot the Golf Buddy WT6?

GolfBuddy WT6 Showing DistancesInaccurate yardage readings, inconvenience finding course and gap data, or some other bizarre conduct must be revised with a reset.

The reset will reestablish the watch’s production line settings as a default, and it should resolve any product glitches that are going on.

To play out a reset on the Golf Buddy GPS watch, you should push down the Golf, Menu, Up, and Down catches all the while until the showcase kills.

The watch will walk out on and enter Watch Mode.

How to Toggle among Golf and Watch mode?

While in Golf Mode, press the Menu/Back catch (base left catch) and it will show Quick Watch mode for 10 seconds before returning to Golf Mode.

How to get Course Updates?

You should enroll your WT6 watch with Golf Buddy on the web and download GB Manager. Online access will permit you to get course refreshes and the most recent firmware for nothing out of pocket.

What is the Difference between the WT6 and the WT5 Golf Buddy?

The WT5 golf watch was highlight pressed when contrasting it with the WT6. Nonetheless, the WT5 has been stopped as Golf Buddy went to thin line their watch arrangement. In this way, where the WT6 dropped the Pin Placement tech, detail following, advanced score card, and Green View, it got on effortlessness. The separation is the thing that you need, and the separation is the thing that the WT6 centers around.

Accomplishes the Odometer work while in Golf Mode?

There isn’t a way that we’ve discovered that empowers the Odometer to work while in Golf Mode. Getting to the Tracker is simple, and it’s fairly easy to utilize. Be that as it may, squeezing the Menu catch to come back to Watch Mode or Golf Mode all the while deactivates the Tracker.

How would you Charge the Golf Buddy GPS?

The watch can be revived with a small scale USB link connected to the USB port of the watch. You ought not utilize a brisk accusing AC connector of this gadget as it can destroy the watch and will void the guarantee.

Vital Features:

Basic, simple to utilize, and section level golf GPS observe

Gives up to 2 rounds of play

Water-safe for play during not exactly ideal climate

Gives danger separations without the extra expense

1-year Golf Buddy Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our Verdict on the Golf Buddy WT6

Various Screens on WT6 Golf WatchTo ping up the strokes, the Golf Buddy WT6 will pull in the individuals who need a simple gadget. It’s an incredible acquaintance for tenderfoot golf players with utilizing GPS units. It’s a no nonsense watch, yet that might be actually what you need and need.

On the off chance that you need the move up to the WT6, the WTX golf watch is it. With shrewd highlights, shading show, and contact screen, this watch is a long way from fair. However, you might need to build your financial plan a smidgen to bear the cost of the keen golf GPS watch.

A decent elective GPS watch that came in the new year hot and solid is the Bushnell Ion 2. It’s very proficient with its many golf highlights and Bluetooth network. Certainly, it’ll cost somewhat more, however it may wind up being worth the lavish expenditure.

In case you’re after a moderate first-time GPS watch, the WT6 is your answer. When working at its maximum capacity, you’ll be a power that can’t be halted nor occupied on the green.

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