GolfBuddy VoiceX Review

Preloaded Courses: 38,000+

Show Area Size: 1.28″

Weight: Unknown

Battery Life Time: 11 hours

Energize Time: 2-4 hours

Waterproof: No

Competition Legal: Yes

Golf Buddy Voice X Golf GPS Review

The well known Voice GPS has yet been overhauled once more, and what we currently have is the Voice X. The Voice arrangement of golf GPS units are known for their effortlessness and sound separation readouts. Each model has been famous as it’s come out through the ages, however the Voice X is the component stacked one of all.

The new talking amigo currently sports a round face rather than a starting point. The sharp structure takes into consideration a superior fit in the hand. An updated cut on the back is non-removeable as it’s implicit, however it very well may be cut to whatever surface you find advantageous: belt tie, bill of your top, or even your score card.

You would now be able to see numbers greater than at any other time on a Voice model. The screen is bigger than the Voice 2 with its 1.28″ LCD show. Having an issue seeing those numbers, as well? Try not to stress. The Voice X has a Big Number Mode only for you.

Extra moves up to this talking contraption incorporate a Pin Placement include, separations to targets and dangers, GPS in both golf and outside mode, and Bluetooth availability for remote matching up of courses through the telephone application.

Most purchasers love the dependability of a gadget that bargains in just giving the separation. The Voice X takes things somewhat further with its additional highlights, yet it’s just added to the style of the minimized, little unit. Notwithstanding, some deficient models have made it past quality control and it’s those ones that are liable for some terrible nay-state on the Voice X. Issues, for example, not diverting on as it so happens and fastens dropping out are on the whole demonstrative of value control issues.



Updated highlights

1.28″ showcase

Pin arrangement

Risk separations


Quality control issues

Golf Buddy Voice X Q&A

Can the Voice X be joined to a Watch Strap?

GolfBuddy VoiceX Side View Showing ClipUnfortunately, the structure of the clasp on the back doesn’t take into account connecting the Voice X to any old watch or wrist lash.

Nonetheless, it is viable with a Golf Buddy wrist band that is sold independently.

You may likewise have the option to discover it available to be purchased as the Voice X on a wristband version, yet that has a restricted flexibly as Golf Buddy won’t offer it long haul.

Can the Golf Buddy Voice Track Scores?

Unfortunately, the Voice X doesn’t have a score following component. The possibility of the Voice X is to keep up straightforwardness however much as could be expected by just giving separations.

Golf Buddy Voice X VS Voice 2?

What are the contrasts between the Voice X and the Voice 2? Indeed, there’s many variations between the two models in a similar arrangement. Clear characteristics of the Voice 2 are its 11 language choices, 14 hour battery life, and it’s square interface with 5-button activity.

The Voice X clearly has all the element redesigns that incorporates Bluetooth, Pin Placement, and danger separations, however it took a fall with battery life. It just offers 11 hours rather than the 14 of the Voice 2. Be that as it may, clients state they can receive two adjusts in return, and 11 hours is about exact for its battery life before revive.

Can the Battery be Replaced?

The battery isn’t proposed to be supplanted. It has a battery-powered lithium particle type battery that must be accused of the included link.

While the VS4 was an early ancestor in the Voice arrangement, it’s presently ended. Notwithstanding, the replaceable battery of the VS4 is something we’d prefer to see on future Voice models. Indication, insight Golf Buddy.

What sort of Charger is incorporated with the Voice X?

A small scale USB accusing link is incorporated of the Golf Buddy Voice X GPS. It must be embedded into a USB port, for example, on a PC or into a USB divider charger (excluded).

What does the Voice on the Voice X sound like?

The Voice X offers both female and male voices. It additionally has 8 pre-stacked language choices: English, Spanish, French, German, Korean, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese.

What are Golf Buddy’s Annual Fees?

Golf Buddy doesn’t have any membership or yearly charges. Don’t hesitate to make the most of your Golf Buddy gadget without dishing out extra just to utilize it.

Vital Features:

Voice X has as good as ever includes for the Voice Series

Pin Placement and Hazard separations are presently includes on the Voice X

Huge Number Mode considers much bigger separation readings

Bigger presentation screen than past Voice models

No yearly charges or memberships!

Our Verdict on the Golf Buddy Voice X

VoiceX GPSTo ping up the strokes, the Voice X may yet be the best Voice model Golf Buddy has delivered to the market to date. The redesigned highlights have made it significantly more important to golf players, however we’d in any case prefer to see an all-encompassing battery life coordinating the Voice 2.

The Voice 2 is anything but a terrible model despite the fact that it’s somewhat more seasoned. It gives the separation, recites it so anyone can hear, and is anything but difficult to utilize while it gives 14 hours of game play. However, the new VTX adopts an entirely different strategy on beating the course. It’s large, has a shading touchscreen, and it talks!

The Garmin Approach G10 is practically identical to the Voice X, however it doesn’t talk like the Golf Buddy does. It offers a remarkable same highlights as the Voice X, yet it exceeds the Golf Buddy with its 15 hours of battery life. It’s opposition at its best – look at it in our survey. How are you going to choose: voice include versus longer play time?

There’s nothing to grumble about the Voice X. The Voice arrangement has consistently been an upstanding, strong, and exact line of GPS units. It’s one of our top choices, and we’re not hesitant to voice it.

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