GolfBuddy Voice 2 Review

Measurements: 1.76 x 1.78 x 0.49″, 1.02 oz

Show Type: LCD/Black

Competition Legal: Yes

Estimating System: Yards/Meters

Estimating Distance: Distance Only

Waterproof: No

Battery Life Per Charge: 14 hours

Preloaded Courses: 40,000

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Golf GPS Review

The Voice 2 golf GPS gadget is an as good as ever form of the mainstream Golf Buddy Voice. It holds the central highlights of its forerunner yet with additional capacities that lands it an incredible rating dependent on its own benefits. Anyway, how does a talking gadget assist you with breaking 80?

From the start, it mightn’t appear to be too changed to the first Voice, nonetheless, underneath the appearance, it’s been expanded without the additional weight. The Voice 2 is accessible in blue, pink, and dark hues. This includes a tad of assortment to conciliate any golf player’s vanity streak.

The battery life is additionally more. Going from 9 hours on the Voice to 14 hours on the Voice 2. This is sufficient to push another total round in your day. It’s additionally been reinforced with 2,000 additional courses making it an aggregate of 40,000 accessible courses around the world.

On the off chance that that isn’t sufficient, the 1″ show currently additionally shows you the front, focus, and back of the green at the same time. Like the bygone one, the new Voice additionally holds the Dynamic Green View innovation with separation readings and a shot separation mini-computer.

With utilization of the free GolfBuddy Manager Program, you can likewise refresh the Voice 2 to oblige 11 language alternatives versus the pre-stacked eight. In the event that you have an inclination, you can likewise change out the Voice 2 readouts to either a male or female voice. On the off chance that it could disrespect you with a provocative suggestion, it would be a pleasurable reward, however it would be an interruption on the course!

To get your talking caddie saying romantic things yet separates behind you, you need the GolfBuddy Voice 2!



Sound readouts

Language choices

Sexual orientation sound choice

Front/focus/back separations


Restricted life

Helpless client support

GolfBuddy Voice 2 Q&A

What does a Limited Life Mean?

A few purchasers revealed that the Voice 2 just worked for brief timeframe before the gadget didn’t work by any means. In any case, inadequate gadgets can be swapped for another one after catching up with the merchant or client support.

How is Golf Buddy’s Customer Service?

As per reports, client care can be non-existent. Our experience of working through the site was additionally unfruitful. Notwithstanding, experiencing another seller with a guarantee can void the issues of working through Golf Buddy.

How to Perform an Emergency Reboot on the Voice 2?

Guarantee the Voice is off and interface the USB link to a force source. Before interfacing with the Voice 2, hold down the Main and P fastens simultaneously and afterward associate the link to the gadget. The screen will begin to blaze and you would now be able to deliver the catches. When the SYNC screen shows up, you can detach the USB string and turn on the Voice. The crisis reboot is presently finished.

How Easy is the Voice 2 to utilize?

There are just five catches on the gadget. The fundamental catch is on the facade of the presentation. The staying four catches on the sides of the gadget control the volume, actuates the Voice, quantifies your shots, and changes the showcase. It’s extremely instinctive to utilize.

Could the Voice Activation be Turned Off?

A great component of the Voice is that it very well may be killed. You may like to utilize the Voice when playing solo, yet you’ll additionally have the choice of taking a gander at your gadget and keeping it quiet when playing with others. This additionally gives alternatives of how and where to wear the Voice 2.

What are the Wearable Options of the Golf Buddy Voice 2 Device?

There are different extras that permits you wear the voice in different styles. You can buy a watch lash, belt cut, retractable clasp, or truck mount in the event that you incline toward not to utilize the underlying clasp. For a full scope of wearable and non wearable gadgets head here.

How Accurate is the Voice 2 Golf Rangefinder?

In our testing, the Voice 2 performed amazingly well. It never misidentified a gap and was precise to inside one yard.

Are there any Fees or Annual Dues with the Golf Buddy Purchase?

There are no expenses, yearly contribution, or memberships expected to stay up with the latest for all your hitting the fairway needs.

GolfBuddy Voice 2Noteworthy Features:

Different shading alternatives

14 hour battery life

Dynamic Green View

Free Golf Buddy Manager Program

40,000 courses around the world

Our Verdict on the Golf Buddy Voice 2

To ping up the strokes, we state the Golf Buddy Voice 2 is unquestionably worth the thought and the buy. It’s very instinctive, and almost certainly, you won’t have to manage imperfect gadgets.

Nonetheless, the new to 2017 Golf Buddy WT6 and WTX golf watches are superb other options in the event that you can’t see yourself utilizing the Voice 2. They’re under 200 bucks and the WT6 is basic, direct, and precise. The WTX then again has a shading show, has a quick touch UI, and it’s viable with the GolfBuddy Smartphone App.

There’s likewise the Bushnell Phantom GPS gadget that doesn’t have sound, yet it’s less expensive, waterproof, and sports a backdrop illumination – wonderful!

At long last, there’s nothing very like the Voice 2. It gives you the separation, it’s exceptionally instinctive, and it talks! That is entirely difficult to beat.

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