GolfBuddy LR5 Review

Yard Range: 5-880 yards

Amplification: 6X23 mm target distance across

Measurements: 4 x 1.63 x 2.85 inches, 7.69 ounces

Show Type: LCD/Black

Competition Legal: Yes

Estimating System: Yards/Meters

Estimating Distance: Distance Only

Waterproof: No – Water-safe just: IPX4

GolfBuddy LR5 Rangefinder Review

The GolfBuddy LR5 Golf Laser Rangefinder can go out to 880 yards with 6X amplification and multi-covered optics. It’s an across the board gadget with Standard, Scan, and Pin Seeking Modes.

The ergonomic gadget additionally accompanies a diopter modification for centering, a programmed shut-off component, and is water-safe. With the incline variant, you can likewise approach point repaid separations for a genuine thought on how your stroke will influence your game.

The GolfBuddy rangefinder line wouldn’t be finished without the LR5 Golf Laser rangefinder; and an exciting rating on the web demonstrates that buyers think the equivalent.

GolfBuddy veered the course from the GPS world and took a stab at the laser rangefinder, and they shook it.



3 objective modes

Accessible with slant

IPX4 water-safe

880 yard run


A few reports of value control issues

GolfBuddy LR5 Laser Rangefinder Q&A:

Does the LR5 have a pin looking for mode to focus in to the banner?

Most ordinary golf laser rangefinders do have a first objective need mode, and despite the fact that the LR5 is encircled by GPS gadgets, it’s still no special case to the standard. It has a Pin Mode that zeros into the closest objective, which is typically the banner, following 10 seconds of examining close by targets.

Does it have a Scan Mode?

I’ve seen some golf rangefinders dump the Scan Mode, however luckily, the LRF is outfitted with this panning highlight. For an entire 10 seconds you can examine the course to get separations on any article you glide over.

This makes it very helpful to get a lot of separations in a single speedy dish to get a thought of the tee box.

Will the gadget extend targets other than the flagstick?

This laser rangefinder has a Standard Mode that can give you the separation to any object it effectively secures up to 880 yards. Due to this Standard Mode, you could pull off utilizing it for different things as well, say, such as chasing, studying, or other open air exercises.

How might you determine what mode the rangefinder is in?

The LR5 golf laser rangefinder naturally defaults to the setting that you last utilized. So in case you’re in standard mode when you turn it off, it’ll be in standard mode when you betray.

Differentiating of which mode is at present working is simple. Investigating the presentation through the viewfinder, you’ll see the “S” symbol in the left, center of the screen in case you’re in examine mode.

In case you’re in pin mode, you’ll see the “P” symbol justified, center of the screen. In case you’re in standard mode, there will be no assigned symbol.

Will the rangefinder pass on the off chance that it coincidentally gets left on?

This rangefinder has a programmed stopped component that resolution down following 10 seconds of non-use. This assists with monitoring battery life so you can get the assessed 3000 to 5000 activation’s from it. It takes replaceable CR2 lithium batteries, so on the off chance that you see that battery life pointer begin flickering, convey an extra, supplant, and get back on par.

Can the LR5 measure incline?

The GolfBuddy LR5 rangefinder is a separation just estimating gadget which is legitimate for competition play. It’s just going to give you the straight line separation to the pin or to the objective that you’re going.

In case you’re searching for a laser gadget that can take you through the competitions, at that point this is the one that you need. So, GolfBuddy offers the LR5S with the incline include. In every single other viewpoint, it’s indistinguishable from the LR5. There is likewise the new LR7S which has an additional mode – Pin Finder Mode – and the incline highlight.

Important Features:

Multi-covered focal point for brilliance and clearness

Three Modes: Pin, Standard, and Scan

Precise to -/+1 yard

Little, minimal, and ergonomic plan

Accessible in LR5S adaptation for incline remuneration highlight

Our Verdict on the LR5

To ping up the strokes, the GolfBuddy LR5 is the brand’s just conventional laser rangefinder for golf. Yet, don’t be put off by the not many blemished items. Some announced grumblings were unjustifiable when it came to execution.

In any case, on the off chance that GPS route is the thing you’re pursuing, at that point you’re glancing in an inappropriate spot. What you need is a Golf Buddy watch or a gadget like the Voice 2. It peruses resoundingly your separation, killing the need to ever take a gander at and handle your unit.

Notwithstanding, in case you’re a devoted laser fan, you could likewise consider the Nikon COOLSHOT 40 laser rangefinder that is just dabs more costly. It merits the expense in the event that you esteem stable and hyper-quick readings.

While Golf Buddy is known for their GPS innovation, allow them to show their laser ability, you may be intrigued! In the event that you dont’ feel this is the correct range locater for you can head here a ton more alternatives.

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