GolfBuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch

Golfbuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch Product Specifications:

1.3″ TFT-LCD Full-Color Display

Bluetooth Enabled

Zoom In/Out Functionality (In-Depth Hole View With Dual Arc Distance Readings)

Computerized Scorecard/Distances Shown to Targets and Potential Hazards

Green Undulation (Wherever it is Available)

Golfbuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch Review

The GOLFBUDDY Aim W10 is a savvy intended for both beginner and expert golf players the same. With its minimized, energetic, current structure, the GOLFBUDDY point W10 is ideal for recreational hitting the fairway or in any event, for legitimate competitions. This golf GPS watch is full-furnished with a 1.3″ full-shading LCD screen for live ongoing updates and a brilliant computerized scorecard to monitor while you are at the range or on your favored green. The watch itself is ideal for deciding incline balanced separations at every possible opportunity, making it conceivable to play on any landscape or green, paying little mind to its customary trouble.

With the GolfBuddy Aim W10, exploit more than 40,000 pre-introduced greens, permitting you to rapidly start playing without refreshing your golf GPS watch or putting in new courses. Notwithstanding the Aim W10 giving admittance to in excess of 40,000 inherent greens, it additionally offers free and programmed refreshes once you are associated with the web through Bluetooth or WiFi.

The Aim W10 is ideal for any golf player who is looking for a lightweight smartwatch that sneaks up suddenly with its highlights and usefulness. With the GolfBuddy Aim W10, never re-think yourself again while playing another course or visiting another driving extent.

Aces/Cons of the Golfbuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch


LCD Full-Color Screen Built-In

Association: Connect by means of Micro USB and Bluetooth to Maximize Usage

As long as 13 Hours of Battery Life While in Golf Mode

Programmed Hole and Course Detection (With Over 40,000 Golf Courses Built In)

Programmed Green Undulation (Wherever Possible)

Zoom In/Out Function

Controlled by 1 Lithium Battery (Included in the Base Purchase of the Smart Watch)

Remote Casting Options: Available on the two iOS and Android Mobile Devices by means of Bluetooth

Water Resistant: The Aim W10 Golf GPS savvy is intended to remain water safe, even in weighty tempests and deluges, settling on it a sheltered decision for golf players who favor landscapes and atmospheres that are not exactly ideal.


Cost: Unfortunately, the GolfBuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch will interfere with you somewhere in the range of $299 to $349, making it a more costly golf frill venture.

Green Undulation: Green undulation isn’t accessible on all courses or driving reaches. Rather, it is just accessible with courses that have been stacked into the smartwatch itself upon buy.

Golfbuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch Q&A (Questions and Answers)

At the point when you are in the new market for a smartwatch you can take with you while hitting the fairway, make certain to peruse and audit different inquiries and answers for top items, for example, the Golfbuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch before settling on a choice that is directly for you.

How would I see my environmental factors while utilizing the Golfing Using the Aim W10?

The GolfBuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch incorporates an implicit zoom in/out capacity to rapidly get a diagram of your environmental factors and the course or range you are playing on. Moreover, there is likewise an inside and out gap see worked in to the smartwatch, ideal for double circular segment separation readings.

Would i be able to see inclines and encompassing green utilizing the Aim W10 watch?

Indeed! Slant balanced separations and statures are accessible in many areas relying upon the territory and atmosphere you are in. Furthermore, green undulation is likewise accessible at every possible opportunity while utilizing the watch.

How are pins set when utilizing the Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch?

While it is conceivable to consequently identify likely dangers, items, and slants utilizing the Aim W10, it is likewise conceivable to physically put pins. Manual pin arrangement is ideal for proficient golf players and the individuals who are keen on testing themselves while playing on troublesome courses or in dubious golf ranges.

How would I update the product for the Aim W10?

A significant favorable position of the GolfBuddy Aim W10 golf GPS watch is its capacity to refresh naturally and complimentary with a Bluetooth and remote web association. Naturally download courses and course updates or changes with a web association, guaranteeing you never pass up recently delivered highlights and usefulness of the Aim W10.

Do I have to physically enter each course I am visiting?

No! The GolfBuddy Aim W10 golf GPS watch has programmed discovery of courses worked in straightforwardly to the watch itself. With in excess of 40,000 courses introduced, consequently distinguish which course you are playing on without a problem.

How long would i be able to utilize the GolfBuddy Aim W10 golf GPS watch without reviving it?

The lithium battery included with the Aim W10 can keep going for as long as 13 hours when the gadget is set in Golf mode, making it one of the longest enduring GPS looks for golf players today.

Essential Features

Battery Life: One of the stand-apart highlights of the Aim W10 is its battery life. With as long as 13 hours of battery life on one charge while in Golf Mode, it is no big surprise that this smartwatch has immediately gotten a well known decision available.

Shading LCD Screen: While many golf GPS watches and rangefinders just incorporate high contrast screens, the Golfbuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch accompanies an implicit 1.3″ LCD full-shading screen for a cutting edge and natural UI.

Programmed Course Recognition: A key element of the AIM W10 GPS smartwatch is its capacity to consequently identify the green you are playing at dependent on your present area. With in excess of 40,000 fairways worked in, play at all of your preferred courses without problem.

Programmed Updates: Receive free programmed refreshes by means of Bluetooth and remote web with the Aim W10, guaranteeing your GPS smartwatch is consistently fully informed regarding the most recent greens and highlights.

Our Verdict on the Golfbuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch

GolfBuddy is one of the most notable and trustworthy golf item and frill supplies accessible available today. Its motto, “Exactness Matters”, suitably portrays the organization itself. GolfBuddy items are structured with the requirements of both novice and expert golf players as a top priority. With the Aim W10, gain significant serenity knowing your GPS smartwatch is dependable, energetic, conservative, and refreshed for use consistently at whatever point you visit a driving reach or a favored fairway close to you.

At the point when you are in the market for a smooth, present day, and smaller golf adornment or gadget, GolfBuddy conveys unfailingly. The GolfBuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch is probably the most effortless gp devices for golf players today, and functions admirably whether you favor visiting mainstream greens and driving reaches or in the event that you lean toward curious and serene courses for a touch of isolation.

With the GolfBuddy Aim W10 Golf GPS Watch, feel great and positive about the choices you make whenever you are on the driving reach, hitting the fairway with companions, or in any event, entering a tournmanent that is ideal for you and your favored playing golf technique.

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