Garmin Approach S60 Watch Review

Pre-stacked Courses: 40,000+

Show Area Size: 1.2″

Weight: 1.8-2.2 oz

Battery Life Time: 10 hours

Revive Time: 2.5 hours

Waterproof: Yes

Competition Legal: Yes

Garmin Approach S60 (New to 2017) Watch Review

Whoo whee! Where do you start with the golf watch that actually has everything? Would you be able to expect any less from Garmin?

While the cost is incredible for a golf watch, it certainly compensates for it with huge amounts of highlights – and by tons, that is an under-assessment!

How every one of these highlights are stacked into one hand-held device is past us. To give you only a taste, it has Daily Smart highlights, Activity Tracking, Heart Rate highlights, and Training, Planning, and Analysis highlights. It additionally has Golfing highlights and a huge amount of Outdoor Recreation includes that incorporates for running, cycling, swimming, and even oar boarding, skiing, and snowboarding!

Inside the mutter mix of highlights that goes a long ways past your golf match-up, it has head of the class modes to assist you with your round on the course. You despite everything have everything to gauge the separation on the front, focus, and back of the green. You have separations to layups and doglegs, custom targets, and Pin Pointer highlights.

You can follow your scores, measure your swing, and time your round. The alternatives are almost unending, and we state about in light of the fact that this gadget just has a 10 hour battery life in GPS mode – not the best, yet not very ratty either.

In case you’re searching for your definitive hitting the fairway caddie and outside following source, this Garmin Watch is it! Wow – we recently said that, it’s all in a watch!


Daylight coherent showcase

Full shading touch screen

Viable with QuickFit groups

40,000+ courses around the world

Highlight stacked



Garmin Approach S60 Watch Q&A

Could the Garmin S60 Watch compute for Slope?

You betcha! Basically put the watch in PlaysLike mode and you’ll have slant balanced separations for those slopes and decays. Watch your impairment descend!

Does the Garmin Watch truly have a Heart Rate Sensor?

This is kind of a misnomer since it has a pulse sensor in the event that you get the viable embellishment. What you need is the pulse tie that estimates beat. The ties on this S60 watch can be effectively changed out in the event that you needed this element.

How Waterproof is the S60 Golf Watch?

It’s waterproof up to 50 meters! Since Garmin means this watch to be utilized for more than golf, it should have the option to withstand the maltreatment it gets from other utilize, for example, water sports. In the event that you are content with a unit that isn’t waterproof you may locate this a decent post to visit.

How long will the Battery last when not in GPS Mode?

In GPS mode, you have 10 hours of battery life. When not in GPS mode, it can last as long as 10 days of nonstop use.

What are the QuickFit Bands?

At the point when you need to change out the shading and look of your watch, you don’t need to supplant the entire thing. The S60 is viable with QuickFit groups in different hues and materials. You can go with metal, calfskin, and silicone.

Is the S60 Golf Watch Compatible with a Smart Phone App?

Garmin has as of late delivered their Garmin Golf application that is allowed to download. It permits you to interface with different golf players, post and think about scores, and live visit with one another. Your scorecard will consequently transfer when adjusted through Garmin Connect or Garmin Express.

Is this only a Golf Watch?

Garmin has planned this watch to be worn here and there the course. Off the course, there are a huge amount of highlights that makes it a genuine companion on the track, in turning class, in the pool, or on the lake. You can even redo and download different watch skins for a customized touch. You could even download a selfie!

Garmin Approach S60 GPS Golf WatchNoteworthy Features:

TruSwing Features

Gives numerous separations anyplace on the course

Viable with Garmin Connect

1G memory and history

Extreme and flexible gadget

Our Verdict on Garmin’s S60

To ping up the strokes and cutting straight to the chase, the Garmin S60 is likely way also highlight stacked to legitimize getting it for a series of golf. Nonetheless, in the event that you plan on utilizing it as your definitive brandishing and following device, it merits the purchase.

In the event that you don’t really observe yourself utilizing it outside of the course, the Garmin Approach S20 is similarly as proficient as the S60, however without all the additional object of non-golf related buzz. In the event that you need much easier than that, the Approach X10 watch is your smartest option. It’s touchscreen and lightweight, you simply pass up the Swing highlights that can help transform you into Henrik Stenson after some time – nobody is that acceptable to transform into him short-term!

On the off chance that you’re willing to overcome outside of Garmin, at that point you should perceive what Bushnell came out with in 2017. They’ve presented the new Excel Golf Watch that is certain to please. It’s less expensive than the Garmin, not as overpowering in highlights, yet at the same time “savvy” enough to make them feel like a geek.

At long last, Garmin truly is in the number one spot of the GPS world. They truly realize how to do GPS best and how to destroy things and the market!

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