Garmin Approach G8 Review

Measurements: 2.1 x 4.4 x 0.6 inches, 3.97 ounces

Screen Display Size: 1.5 x 2.6 inches, 3 inch diag

Show Type: Transflective Color TFT touchscreen

Competition Legal: No

Estimating System: Yards/Meters

Estimating Distance: Distance and Slope

Waterproof: Yes IPX4

Charges: No yearly expenses, ever!

Garmin Approach G8 Review

The Garmin Approach G8 Golf GPS is a lightweight, smooth, and touchscreen golf rangefinder that is over-overflowing with innovation that can get you to the green in less strokes than at any other time. With Plays Like Distance, Pin Pointer, Maps, Trak Stats, Club Advice, thus significantly more, you’ll never be gotten without your G8 on the green again.

Truth be told, the G8 is basically precisely equivalent to the G7 (which is currently ceased), aside from a couple of more extra highlights, for example, Wi-Fi, PinPointer, and the 3 inch screen.

Gracious, did I neglect to make reference to the exemption of the cost as well? A lot of commentators online think the special extra highlights are justified, despite all the trouble, giving it an incredible rating.

In case you’re educated and you like having a cell phone like gadget in the palm of your hand while you get your golf-groove on, at that point you’ll join the glad group and pay the extra $50 or so as well.


Shading show

3″ touchscreen



Club Advice

PlaysLike Mode (for Slope)


Troublesome arrangement

Reports of incorrect readings

Approach G8 Golf GPS Q&A:

How large is the screen on the G8?

This gadget has a marginally greater presentation screen than the G7, estimating in at 1.5 (W) x 2.6 (H) crawls with an entire 3 inch corner to corner separation; think how TV screens are estimated.

This is as yet a truly little handheld gadget, and contrasted with how enormous cell phones are nowadays, it wouldn’t be an awful thing if the G arrangement got somewhat greater. The screen is still simple to find in the splendid daylight and in any event, when the mists move in.

Remember, it has that huge Numbers Mode as well.

Would i be able to see all the courses in shading?

The G8 rangefinder has preloaded 38,000 courses, and you can get to every one of them in their full brilliance – in shading. It would be an entirely dismal touchscreen handheld GPS if it somehow managed to be clearly. I’d feel like I was, harking back to the 1940s.

Can the Approach G8 access Wi-Fi?

The GPS shrewdly has both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network. The wi-fi capacity to adjust and transfer score cards, details, and courses through wi-fi is an element that is novel to the Approach G8 and is simply the element that sets far separated from the average.

Garmin got a hop lead on incorporating wi-fi into their GPS items, I have an inclination they won’t be the last.

What is PinPointer Technology and does this gadget have it?

PinPointer is a component that causes you to explore the course when you’re uninformed – a vulnerable side that is. At the point when you have yourself in a circumstance where you don’t know in what bearing the banner is, PinPointer innovation will make all the difference.

At the point when you’ve actuated PinPointer, on the showcase of the G8, you will see a pointer symbol, like that of a mouse symbol on a PC. It basically acts like a compass, highlighting the overall bearing of the gap.

Next time there’s a lot of trees among you and the gap or your last terrible shot landed you in a bothersome aspect of the fairway, PinPointer will act the hero.

Is the G8 generally modest?

This golf GPS is one of the more costly ones you’ll discover available. Garmin has skillfully coordinated all their able highlights into a quality handheld golf rangefinder, and it’s their first in class golf gadget. It’s valued around $300, which puts it at about $50 more than the G7.

At long last, you’re paying more for Wi-Fi, the 3inch screen and better pixels, and the Pin Pointer highlight. On the off chance that you can’t abandon these highlights, at that point you presently know which one is for you.

How touchy is the touchscreen?

Garmin’s golf GPS gadgets are known for their great touch affectability. The G8 is touchy to such an extent, that it tends to be a mood killer. Putting away in a pocket and hauling it out can be sufficient of an unnecessary activity to get you to an off-base screen practically constantly.

If its all the same to you the not many seconds of returning and getting to where you need to be, at that point this shouldn’t be an issue. Rather, there are numerous that value the additional affectability, since many golf GPS gadgets are regularly found to have the contrary issue.

Critical Features:

Shading and 3 inch touchscreen

Wi-Fi for transferring and matching up courses, details, and scorecards

Shrewd Notifications permit you to remain associated with your viable cell phone

Bluetooth Connectivity for viable Apple Iphones

Advanced scorecard and detail following

Auto Course Recognition, Auto Hole Advance

38,000 preloaded courses from around the world

PinPointer innovation for compass help with daze shots

PlaysLike Distance for incline balanced separations

Club Selection highlight and Big Numbers Mode

Contact focusing on and manual pin position for moment separations

Information client made and saveable separations for each gap

Our Verdict on the G8

To ping up the strokes, the Garmin Approach G8 is more than keen, it’s virtuoso! It’s presumably more than what you requirement for a series of golf, however why not have extravagance in the palm of your hand?

On the off chance that you have Garmin in your vehicle and on your telephone, at that point you need a little Garmin in your golf match-up as well!

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