Garmin Approach G30 Review

Preloaded Courses: 41,000+

Show Area Size: 2.3″ diag/58.4 mm

Weight: 2.5 oz/70.9 g

Battery Life Time: 15 hours

Revive Time: 2-4 hours

Waterproof: Yes

Competition Legal: Yes

Garmin Approach G30 Golf GPS Review

The Approach G30 is the ideal mix between a golf GPS watch and a telephone application. It’s an updated form of the Approach G10, yet it stays easy to use with its 2.3-inch shading contact screen.

The G30 is little, so it’s little enough to be worn with the included belt cut or to be slipped in a pocket. Be that as it may, don’t let its itty-bitty size moron you. The 2.3″ screen considers obvious separations when you need them. On the off chance that you need additional enormous numbers, the G30 has a Big Numbers Mode to make yardages stand apart on the showcase.

Green Info on Approach G30One producer guarantee that purchasers had the option to report as right is the enduring 15-hour battery life. Numerous golf players had the option to traverse three adjusts and still have some juice left finished. In any case, a full revive the prior night you hit the green is constantly suggested.

Monitor your score for yourself and up to three different players. Computerized scoring choices incorporate Stableford, Skins and Match Play, and Stroke Play. Transfer, spare, and audit your scores for post-examination, and join this component with the Save Locations or Stat Tracking highlights, and you’ll be set to ace the course next time round.

However, one of the most loved highlights of ongoing clients is Touch Targeting. Just by contacting any point on the presentation, you’ll get the separation. Also, that is what you truly need right? The separation.

Purchasers truly like the capacities of the G30. They state it’s a lot quicker than the G10, it’s anything but difficult to use with its shading contact screen, and it endures the separation of a few rounds in addition to a few. Nonetheless, recollect it’s just 2.3″ corner to corner in screen size, and this equitable might be excessively little for certain clients or those with large fingers.


Shading contact screen

15-hour battery life

Golf include pressed

Bluetooth viable

TruSwing viable


Little screen

Garmin Approach G30 Q&A

What are the Physical Dimensions of the Approach G30?

The genuine size of the G30 is 2.1″ x 3.0″ x 0.8″ (53 x 75 x 21 mm). The presentation size is estimated from one corner to the contradicting slanting corner and is 2.3″ (58.4 mm) long.

Can the Garmin GPS inform me when I get a call or text?

The G30 is Bluetooth viable, so as long as you pair it with your cell phone, it will keep you associated while you’re on the course.

What is the Difference between the G30 and the Approach G10?

Separations on Garmin G30 GPSThe G30 versus G10 banter is truly straightforward. The G10 is a straightforward, wearable gadget more value well disposed than the G30. It gives the fundamental golf highlights you need without jumbling up the game with pointless messing around.

The G30 has a couple of more golf highlights, for example, Big Numbers Mode, scorecards for up to 4 players, and Touch Targeting mode.

It’s likewise TruSwing viable, has Bluetooth network, and clearly a shading touchscreen, all of which the G10 needs.

What is the Difference between the G30 and the G8?

The G8 and the ended G7 are the crème de la crème golf GPS units from the brand. The G7 had everything, and it was just evaluated an indent underneath the G8 on the grounds that it needed WiFi network. However, it’s been resigned, and the G8 remains while the G10 and G30 join the game.

The G8 versus G30 banter resembles contrasting one type with a totally different type. The G30 has heaps of highlights with the perfect measure of ease of use at an average value point. In any case, the G8 pushes past the vast majority’s financial plans and offers in excess of a golf player will ever utilize.

The Approach G8 shading touchscreen, edge pay, Club Advice, and both WiFi and Bluetooth network. On the off chance that you have the spending plan to bear the cost of everything, the G8 possesses all the necessary qualities.

What is Save Locations?

This is a component that permits you to stamp course focuses that you can reference in future rounds or for post investigation.

Does the Garmin Approach have Green View?

The Approach G30 has a Green View with manual pin arrangement. Nonetheless, the Green View is as a shading drawing map. It doesn’t show as a GPS satellite-perspective on the green.

Are there any Annual or Update charges?

Garmin doesn’t charge membership, yearly, or update expenses, ever. Buy a Garmin item, download Garmin Connect App, and you’re set forever. Garmin items might be pricier than different GPS items out there, yet you won’t need to pay anything extra to keep utilizing it.

Significant Features:

More than 41,000 pre-stacked courses far and wide

Free course and programming refreshes

Highlight stuffed and all set for bad-to-the-bone golf players

Remain in the game with a competition lawful GPS gadget

Viable with TruSwing for better method

Our Verdict on the Garmin Approach G30

Score Card on Garmin Approach G30To ping up the strokes, the Garmin Approach G30 is a hybrid of a watch and telephone application. You have bigger numbers and contact screen ability inside a smaller GPS unit. Nonetheless, in the event that you have fat finger disorder, you may think that its hard to utilize the little screen.

The Approach G8 offers 3 huge creeps of a shading contact screen. Golf players with bigger hands and fingers will welcome the greater showcase and all the extravagant included highlights of the G8. Be that as it may, it will take in excess of a stretch of the financial plan to bear the cost of it.

An incredible option in contrast to the G30 brings you into the field of another brand. The Golf Buddy VTX GPS is a handheld gadget with a 2.7″ shading contact screen. Think about what else? It talks! It won’t push you past financial plan by any stretch of the imagination, as they’re serious in cost.

The Approach G30 has the correct thought and the correct arrangement of highlights for its modest size. With smallness and natural highlights on its side, you’ll have exact separations and trustworthiness on yours.

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